KAGİDER Digital Talks Agenda is ' Back to Work and Technology '

KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) continues to address the current problems of the businesses with the online-held ‘Digital Talks’ during the period of the coronavirus epidemic with the digital panel titled ‘How Technology Will Serve Us When We Return Back to Work?’. The guests of the panel moderated by KAGİDER Vice President Tijen Mergen are Founder of Reeder and KAGİDER Board Member Sezen Saral, Founding Partner and KAGİDER Member Başak Taşpınar Değim, NETLOG Logistics Digital Transformation and Marketing General Manager Onur Irız and Deputy Chairman of KoçSistem - Digital Transformation Consultant Murad Ardaç. Important evaluations were shared on the process of returning to work, digitization and technology usage.

In the opening speech of Digital Talks, KAGİDER Vice President Tijen Mergen emphasized that in the current global crisis, everyone aims at overcoming the process in the short term and agility is a must for companies in this period.

During her speech, Mergen gave place to the outcome of a research conducted by Deloitte in 17 provinces and with 334 participants. According to the information shared, 38% of the participants surveyed in pandemic process reported that they are satisfied with working from home and 73% wants to work from home after the pandemic period. Research outputs also reveal that in Turkey, the majority of people are not accustomed to working remotely and the majority of challenges for adoption is outlined as habits and culture with the rate of 43%, after that technology 17%, organizational structure 20% and customer expectation 20%.

‘Our biggest motivation was to establish transparent communication with the team’

Co-Founder of and KAGİDER Member Başak Taşpınar Değim stated that as a technology company, they had started the process as a substructure with offering their teams a flexible and remote-working opportunity for a long time. Değim added that they use various communication tools to increase the motivation of the young teams of 80 people whose average age is 27, with different activities such as wellness programs, fruit delivery to home, weekly pear talks program. Değim continued her speech as follows: “In this period, the people who had to use the technology, even though it was compulsory, actually saw the blessings of the technology and met the side that made their lives easier. In this period people spent time at their homes and they mostly turned to home renovation works on Armut. They received support from us for services such as glass balconies, mosquito nets, bathroom renovations, air conditioning repair and garden construction. At the same time, with the start of the remote-education, an increase in private lesson requests was observed. Situations such as people's willingness to learn playing instruments as a hobby have created employment opportunities for many people who will provide this service remotely in these areas. ”

'Digital solutions will increase in the business'

Netlog Logistics Digital Transformation and Marketing General Manager Onur Irız noted in his speech: "Netlog, as Turkey's leading company in food transportation has played a critical role in this period. In a period when the streets became quiet with the call "stay at home", we continued our work despite the difficult conditions. In addition to the increase in transportation to chain markets, there was a contraction in logistics operations of many other sectors. The applications we used in the remote working model, which became widespread with the pandemic, were the technologies that existed before. The process we have göne through allowed them to be used more widely and for different purposes. In the coming period, new digital solutions that will support these habits acquired during the pandemic will appear in increasing rates. Especially for the business world, creating platforms that can combine all these opportunities with existing business models will gain much more importance. ”

"Data security should be considered very important"

KoçSistem CEO - Digital Transformation Consultant Murad Ardaç said: “As a community, we had already started preparing for the digital world. Our studies gained more momentum due to the epidemic. While acting on the one hand with the goal of ‘continuing to work and production’, we focused on contributing to the solution of the social and health problems caused by the epidemic. In the first week, we directed 50.000 people to work from home and it was mostly successful. Remote-working seems to become permanent, especially for call centers. We care for the health condition of employees by using artificial intelligence and internet of things for facilities and thanks to the infrastructure provided by data centers with cloud computing. By relying more on data centers, it is necessary to keep the data there and leave the security to the professionals. As remote-working is becoming widespread, security must be seen as a prominent area. Large companies can create solutions in this regard, but SMEs should also pay attention to this issue. Otherwise, as a result of these attacks, the risk of working remotely will very likely to be backfired. ”

"Important duties have fallen to software and hardware companies"

In her speech, KAGİDER Board Member and Founder of Reeder Sezen Saral stressed the need for financial projections to be changed financially, adding that physical distance had no effect on their working order. Stating that software and hardware companies have taken on an important mission during this period, Saral expressed that in the process of remote working, they have put many products and projects into practice that they had been delaying and that would open new perspectives for them.

“KAGİDER Digital Talks” will continue to be realized every Tuesday between 11.00 - 13.00 with different speakers and new topics.

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