DFDS Business Unit Mediterranean held a “digital marketing” training for women entrepreneurs in cooperation with KAGİDER

DFDS Business Unit Mediterranean held a new session of training seminars for women entrepreneurs within the scope of DFDS Academy video panels. The effects of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on the logistics industry, ways to manage this process most effectively and new opportunities are discussed through the seminars.

The training offered to KAGIDER member women entrepreneurs on June 3, was held under the title of “Digital Media, Trends and Opportunities”. Emir Çağlayan, the Digital Director of media planning and purchasing company Mindshare, thought in the first session of the trainings that are supported by the world's largest communication group WPP. Within the training, opportunities and trends in digital marketing and media were addressed.

DFDS  Mediterranean Business Unit Corporate Communication Manager Özlem Dalga As DFDS  Mediterranean Business Unit, we are pleased with the interest shown to our digital platform, DFDS Academy, where we brought our marketing and communication activities online during the days of COVID-19. In this process, while technology and digital platforms gained importance in every field, we saw the importance of using webinars and holding online events. In this regard, we strongly believe that our training seminars for women entrepreneurs will also be beneficial. ”

 In her opening speech, KAGİDER Board Member Feyhan Kapralı emphasized the importance of the KAGIDER’s cooperation with DFDS to increase the opening of women entrepreneurs to international markets.

DFDS Academy has reached 890.000 people

While DFDS Academy platform continues to organize training seminars for women entrepreneurs in cooperation with various non-governmental organizations, with specialist guests in different fields, it has reached approximately 890.000 people through video panels, press and social media.

DFDS Academy video panel series carried out online has evolved into a set of events to bring guests from various backgrounds togehter and discuss possible solutions. Following the initially offered digital marketing training for women entrepreneurs, training seminars will proceed to shed light on many different subjects such as foreign trade, international finance, technology and the environment.

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